Looking at the Stunning Popularity of Social Media

When it comes to looking at what websites get the most visitors online, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that again and again social media sites are near the very top of the list. There are over 30 social media websites that get over 1 million views per day. That’s right: not month, not week, but per day. If that number alone doesn’t convince you about the popularity of social media, then keep on reading to see what else those remarkable sites have to offer.

While these numbers can sometimes vary greatly based on how the count is made, there’s no question that the largest social media sites get an insane amount of traffic.

King of the Mountain is Facebook
Facebook sees an estimated 1.1 Million unique visitors per month, with much higher visit numbers because multiple users visiting the website multiple times throughout the day (which is part of the reason this number is so high). Pretty much everyone is on Facebook, and it’s hard to see that changing anytime soon.

You often hear about people catching fire on Twitter with new followers, or getting in trouble for putting their foot in their mouth. However, for most people, Twitter is a quick place to announce some news or a quick quip, and at 310 million unique visitors a month, they have plenty of traffic to brag about on their own.

Pinterest is a picture based website with over 250 million unique visitors a month, with Instagram quickly closing in at 100 million visits a month. This goes to show there is plenty of room for picture based social media online.

Even the 15th largest social media website gets over 15 million visits a month, showing just how popular social media is on all levels now.

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