Studying Social Media’s Popularity

How Many People Use Social Media? Everyone knows that almost everyone in the world is on social media. Well, not everyone, but a lot of people are on social media. It is said that Facebook alone has over 100 Billion users. That’s not a typo – that’s Billion with a B. For anyone in the marketing sphere, this makes your mouth water because all those people in one place, with data on their likes and dislikes, being able to contact them at any time of the day, well, there’s just too much meat in all of that for any business or marketer to ignore. It is for all of these reasons that social media is one of the best places to market a business.

Why Do People Use Social Media?
People use social media for many different reasons. It is a great place to stay in contact with friends and family. It is good for meeting new people. It is a great place for entertainment and fun. For many people it is their main news sources and they get all the current and breaking news from their social media feed. It is also very addicting to people and is hard to quit. People use social media for all of these reasons.

What Does This Mean For Businesses? 
For businesses the popularity of social media means that they have a new place to market their goods and services. One mistake that businesses make when they market on social media is that they simply treat the social media environment as if it were any other advertising outlet. Taking that approach is wrong because people on social media are looking for a connection, they are looking for interaction, entertainment, infotainment and they want to get to know your brand on a more personal level. If you use social media the right way, it will become a great tool for your business.

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