What Does The Popularity Of Social Media Say About Our World?

In many ways, the popularity of social media has changed the communication landscape of our world. People are able to stay in touch with more people than they ever imagined, connecting with people across the globe. Of course, there are downsides to social media, as people sometimes choose this form of communication with people as the preferred method of keeping in touch.

The popularity of social media continues to grow, and it’s simply amazing how many social networking sites and apps there are out there. Think about the explosion of online dating and how many sites there are for that niche now. Think about how to keep the young ones entertained, there are always new social media apps trying to make a buzz, and many of them are. Sure, your mom might tell you to go outdoors and play, but the fact is that people are glued to their phones.

What are some of the top social media sites out there currently? Everyone knows Facebook is still up there at the top, but YouTube ranks higher than Facebook among the youngest Internet users. Twitter is gaining in popularity, as it represents a relevant source of getting the latest information and seeing what is trending in the world.

You can see the changing trends pertaining to what social media sites are popular when you see what is most used by the younger generations vs the older generations. I’m looking at a site right now that splits people up into three age groups. Some social media sites like YouTube are popular with all generations, but many of them like Instagram are more widely used by the younger crowd.

Personally, I use Twitter and Instagram, and since I just turned 35 last year, I fall into the oldest age group on this site, 35-54. I’m not a Facebook user, so I fall into the almost 25 percent of people out there that no longer use Facebook.

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