The Popularity Of Social Media Is Continuing To Soar

Nothing reaches a market like social media, and that’s becoming a fact with increasing momentum. Of course, social media is changing over time. Think about the days when MySpace was the big social networking site, and then think about the way Facebook made its way to the top. Facebook is still the social media giant, but social media has expanded beyond comprehension, and is going mobile now more than ever.

Mobile marketing and social media didn’t have much to do with each other several years ago and now they are directly linked? What’s next? I remember people used to ask what the next big social media site after Facebook would be. I used to ask that as well, but the popularity of social media hasn’t created one giant but several.

None of the current or future social networking sites might get as big as Facebook ever did, but social media in general is booming. Every country is different when it comes to its social media interests and so is every demographic. Think about how teens use certain social media apps, while older generations use different social media networks.

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What Does The Popularity Of Social Media Say About Our World?

In many ways, the popularity of social media has changed the communication landscape of our world. People are able to stay in touch with more people than they ever imagined, connecting with people across the globe. Of course, there are downsides to social media, as people sometimes choose this form of communication with people as the preferred method of keeping in touch.

The popularity of social media continues to grow, and it’s simply amazing how many social networking sites and apps there are out there. Think about the explosion of online dating and how many sites there are for that niche now. Think about how to keep the young ones entertained, there are always new social media apps trying to make a buzz, and many of them are. Sure, your mom might tell you to go outdoors and play, but the fact is that people are glued to their phones.

What are some of the top social media sites out there currently? Everyone knows Facebook is still up there at the top, but YouTube ranks higher than Facebook among the youngest Internet users. Twitter is gaining in popularity, as it represents a relevant source of getting the latest information and seeing what is trending in the world.

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Studying Social Media’s Popularity

How Many People Use Social Media?¬†Everyone knows that almost everyone in the world is on social media. Well, not everyone, but a lot of people are on social media. It is said that Facebook alone has over 100 Billion users. That’s not a typo – that’s Billion with a B. For anyone in the marketing sphere, this makes your mouth water because all those people in one place, with data on their likes and dislikes, being able to contact them at any time of the day, well, there’s just too much meat in all of that for any business or marketer to ignore. It is for all of these reasons that social media is one of the best places to market a business.

Why Do People Use Social Media?
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Looking at the Stunning Popularity of Social Media

When it comes to looking at what websites get the most visitors online, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that again and again social media sites are near the very top of the list. There are over 30 social media websites that get over 1 million views per day. That’s right: not month, not week, but per day. If that number alone doesn’t convince you about the popularity of social media, then keep on reading to see what else those remarkable sites have to offer.

While these numbers can sometimes vary greatly based on how the count is made, there’s no question that the largest social media sites get an insane amount of traffic.

King of the Mountain is Facebook
Facebook sees an estimated 1.1 Million unique visitors per month, with much higher visit numbers because multiple users visiting the website multiple times throughout the day (which is part of the reason this number is so high). Pretty much everyone is on Facebook, and it’s hard to see that changing anytime soon.

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Looking at the Popularity of Social Media

There’s no question that social media websites are among the most popular online. Obviously we don’t count search engines as people aren’t looking for those websites, and YouTube is seen by some as social media and others as a video search engine, but even without counting YouTube, there’s a lot more to social media than Facebook and their one billion unique visitors per month.

Different Types of Social Media
Part of the reason for the huge popularity of social media is that there are actually so many different types of social media websites. Photograph social media sites that are known by everyone include Instagram and Pinterest, StumbleUpon and Digg encourage the sharing and up voting (or down voting) of the most interesting stories, while LinkedIn is a social media website that is known for connecting professionals and job hunters.

In other words, there are many different focuses which allows so many different social media websites to all thrive while not in direct competition with one another. This also opens up the importance of advertising for businesses of all sizes who need to reach younger customers and have a way of inexpensively advertising locally to drive more business through their doors.

Social media accounts for an amazing share of the daily traffic that occurs online, and it goes to show just how important these types of websites are currently and will continue to be in the future. Social media isn’t going anywhere.

The popularity of social media is undeniable. This isn’t just with sit down computer users but also includes mobile users. Social media’s forefront on the mobile side of things has helped to make sure that those sites have stayed relevant and in fact thrived despite all the major challenges over the last decade.

Social Media Fans unite

Hi! My name is Dawn and I love internet social media groups! As part of a research paper, I chose the impact of social media on society. I decided to blog about it as well to get me some experience on blogging as well. I hope you enjoy my writing, and that you learn some cool facts about online groups like Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, and more. Stay tuned!